HELLO! I'm CHAMONIX! Some days I drink GREEN JUICE. Some days I stuff my face with BROWNIES. Sometimes I wear red LIPSTICK. Sometimes I wear the same outfit 3 days in a row. I’m a veggie GARDENER and I have a very good husband who just so happens to be a sexy Scottish man (he's name's Miggy).

My perfect adventures involve ROAD-TRIPS, roller coasters and lots of snacks. I am definitely happiest when I'm lying under a tree (especially if I'm in a hammock). I love reading novels and cuddling with lots of pillows and big fluffy cat (her name's Cara). I also love wearing turquoise jewelry. Most of all, I love my SIMPLE MORNINGS when I manage to wake up early and watch the sunrise, listening to John Mayer, and writing letters to my friends.

Please don't be afraid to EMAIL me - I love making new friends :)

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Now as for the NITTY GRITTY... like most women, I battle with cellulite, stretch marks, muffin-tops & split-ends. I've avoided pool-parties because I was embarrassed to be seen in a bikini. I stare at myself when I walk by windows and I wonder when I'll get around to losing that extra weight. 

Pretending to be perfect isn't going to get us anywhere and I love it when women are vulnerable and real. I feel inspired by women who speak without filters and who aren't afraid to walk around naked - comfortable in their own skin.

I don't photograph women because it's 'glamorous' or because I want women to look like 'supermodels'. I photograph women because I want to give them a safe space where they can explore, discover, and embrace who they are and how they feel about themselves. My aim is for each woman to leave my studio taking a little bit of fresh confidence back into the world with her. 

If you would like to be photographed by me, please don't wait another day. I'd love to meet you.